Seven Best Practices to Optimize Staffing in Your Healthcare Organization

Date: February 21, 2018

Time: 01:00 PM EST

Deborah Walker Keegan, PhD, FACMPE

We are witnessing a transformation of staffing in the medical practice. It’s more important than ever to effectively staff new patient-access channels, new healthcare delivery systems and emerging value-based care models.

In this timely webinar, Deborah Walker Keegan, PhD, FACMPE, a nationally recognized healthcare business consultant, keynote speaker and author of several books, including Innovative Staffing for the Medical Practice, will share practical tips and strategies for:
  • Linking staff to their work and creating a flexible staffing model for your healthcare organization
  • Evaluating current staff productivity using metrics and predictive modeling 
  • Redesigning your staffing model to align with changes in technology and value-based care